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25 April News. Album is mixed.

The mix is done  by his old time friend. MartinSweet
Guitarist (crashdiet)  We worked  along time  to get it right  and its when good .
Its  have ben. some wt. differently .Just because  the time aspect  .And the jump between the years  thats been. been apart form were I started .Early  early 2018/ late 19  .With 130 demos or more I can’t remember exactly .But it was a lot . I felt the need  at that point to get them out. And bang  covid  came  like astride form the sky. And allt was on ice An I mean  nobody , really , no body did know a shit from now on. .So eventually things  started to move on,, .The work continued . I had a lot of tracks that I had  work on and some of them was done .some was just in the start .. I had new old ides that was  like a puzzel . I often look over things  and go back and forth with several projects  , And  one day the  Label  called  me. ,, Saying  !  , hey u gone put something ,,out soon? ??  Ofc I  said,  so I sened over. some tracks,  But they,, just didn’t wt to release them at that point ,  they was not solid. at the time ” those songs  And so few gimme some more ides.. they siad .” . So I added  some  Instrumental ones ,Four new, one  a track that was recored. for  Passion that never came out.That I fixed up.  So the sound can be somewhat lite different,a Tricky thing to deal with.  old  recording. Amps drums and all..but damn good tracks, Martin had a hell to work with,. but he is a Work horse  good old Penutbutter  jelly sandwich right !
..But   It’s a new sound , And I am very pleased with the results. ,, ..its a raw more  clear .  it’s the best I have done I think.
And  I am pretty sure you guy’s gonna like it too.
More info about the new album, Coming up soon.. Rock on 🤘 guys cheers 🥂 /Sammy
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The NEW Upcoming ..ALBUM  2021  No Dates
8. Tracks
4. with song..  4 .Instrumental
Mixed :by Martin sweet
Masted :By Martin Sweet
Produced :by .Sammy berell
recored :in Stockholm /Nevada Usa
Label :Sound-pollution/Stockholm.  Sweden Dark-force-Recoreds /Stockholm
Equipment  Guitars – Fender Strat  – Tailor guitars Yamaha acoustic Boss pedals Marshall Ernie ball strings Sammy Use a hybrid often 09 High and 62low .. Sammy use Only Ernie ball strings  on all guitars & Bas/killer bas japan
Some drum sets that was Used /Tama /Ludvig  /Perl
different synth Mostly Roland -D05  etc pluggins