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NEW ALBUM. INFO Sammy berell 2021

Winter have a strong grip around sweden .In te start of 2021  Sammy  did  several of impressive. Instrumental tracks taking new  and old ones ,And brought  then up to light .They would be cover the Brand-new album with a powerful punch.., Songs  are  more shaped and work on . And more thoughtful ones .Then Passion, The sound have been shaped over  long time. And more intense in sessions crated like a forged sword , with a pure purpose .The singer have a central mening on this one, a swell. and have done a hell of a jobb and.. I am very grateful for that .
The cold wether. that we often have up here in the north.Have always been benefiting the work. You come to a darker senes often this time of year a more  creative state of mind ..
In short words. this album have a more aggressive deeper more realistic tone than Passion.. if u like passion you will love this one I am pretty sure of

NEW ALBUM are in production and will be  out later this year  2021 ..

Releasing by Sound-Pollution Label.  Stockholm Sweden 2021

From Dark-force records .Stockholm Label  Sweden 2021

Mixed by Martin Sweet

Produced by Sammy Berell

The album was Recored in Stockholm 2020 / Nevada-Us 2019
More info will soon be up Follow  Sammy berell Fb fan page.For more info fast
Sammy /cheers.