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NEWS ! and updates Upcoming album. Delayed due to the. / COVIID-19 Corona virus 2020 /03/ 26

Sammy’s next solo album holds a special place in his heart. With over 180 demos, and aiming at releasing more than one album this year. I am very proud of the fact that the new album has a new tremendously great singer on it and Many tracks that have been worked with carefully. The idiots who thought it was too much last time may think again.  With the new album, Sammy shows his new standard of creating music, new gear, new people, and better playing.  Even back on the last album, Sammy didn’t hold back, and that was well overdriven. Lack of Knowledge and fool’s behind the steering wheel ruined the plans of many good opportunities, as well as the budget.

This time he used less budget, but more power on the songs. Berell, produces the whole album and has worked closely with Donnie ”Thumper” Hill, Berell’s, right-hand together with the singer and mixing engineer has not left any doubts to grumble. The sound is clear and striking. The tracks are well made, and it has another sound, a more mature touch, a deeper aspect, and it sounds great! Any super fanboy of guitar shredder who likes fast and slow arpeggios will not be disappointed. The work schedule of the album and the drums are completed. It has gone through many different options, but they are now recorded. With a shorter amount of time, in the end, Sammy changed the settings. A few studios and people have been involved with the album, and finally, the mix can proceed from all the delays. The guitar solos are done in Stockholm, Sweden, and they sound amazing. I think people will really like this album because it is the best one so far. The plan is to release 3, each album with 4-5 tracks under the same albums this year. Because of the circumstances, there will be more to come soon.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the Coronavirus, and it’s rapid spread across the World. Sammy, cannot predict when the new album will be released. The fact that the music industry is on hold and  So is Sammy.  We can only hope that conditions will allow us to finish, and release it sometime this year. Sammy will update things as they unfold. Thank you Rockers, for your support, and patients! as it looks now,

updated info April 18

2021 looks to be out  until then  Sammy  Can be found followed On  Reverbnation and patron Join me there




Album  untitled

1.Devil Dance

2. Nite and day

3. Pure

4.bye babe bye

5.  ?

Produced by Sammy Berell

Dark force records Stockholm Sweden.





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Hydra take 1 # Solo. Improvisation jam enjoy! 2020 / 03 / 26

HYDRA  Demo test! one of the tracks. That will be out in full version on Patreon ReverbNation

Jam improvisation.  More Info on Patreon and Reverbnation Launched soon spring

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. 2020

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NEWS! 2019 1 june

NEWS  2019 1 June/ 2019, Album Getting Closer
It has been hectic times for Berell, in this first month of the years of 2019. The New Ep has started to come to an end here with intense work with a new lineup. Mr. Berell has managed to fulfill his second Album very very soon, and the results are impressive, not only for himself, and the construction of the music, no. We’re talking about a new guideline, new visions, and perspective in his craft. One who knows this more then anyone else is The drummer Donnie hill, from Florida, That has been working closely with Berell, now for a half year on this Album. A job that’s been adventurous, and a journey in every single turn between life, and death. With a knowledge base and experience Donnie, has been working hard around things to get the ball rolling is not an understatement, in this case, it can be easily dropped into several activations into this process. A journey that nearly ended his life In the start by a tragic but luckily ending incident. By this time we are safe to say that things are moving forward very well.
Due to many butterfingers, and backlashes along the way, Berell, has been in need to work harder and more effectively, I can easily say that this is a very very interesting one for sure. More or less like space travel, planning for a space shuttle to take itself to point A to B.
Donnie was back in the saddle behind the drums back in November 2018 and recorded the remaining tracks in A1A studio in Florida, supported by Chris flowers, the engineer behind the mixing board, And to leave Berell, for his last to remaining tracks that will be instrumental. One is acoustic as well, one more up to tempo.
A new vocalist has been in the studio surrounded by many questions and rumors how it might be Surprisingly a coincidence, and he was right under our Noses. In the start of February Berell, was after schedule, the quest for a new good vocalist was a priority at that time. Donnie came up with something under his sleeve, someone who he had been in touch with before back in 2003. He suggested this vocalist and said, why not this guy he said can sing, can’t he? Based in outside of LA, and having a very well known reputation. The Time difference was a Mess, but we manage to get things done here. With a long history back in the ’80s of the glorious days, he has inspired listeners by his big variety of skills, his unique voice, even to this day. A one of a kind on its field and with a Story to tell that many just can’t dream of. He just recorded a few tracks, and still in the studio. The mixing of lies ahead just! it will be awesome to let you guys know later on who the vocalist is!

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reviews /bio/ passion dreams By Sjak ! Link below for oder the album world wide

Sjak : If you’re into traditional heavy metal with flashy guitar work, then you should definitely give this ‘Passion Dreams’ of the Swedish guitar player Sammy Berell a try. Mister Berell was however not only responsible for the fantastic guitar work on this record because he also took care of the bass and keyboard parts. For the drums he had none other than Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet) at his disposal, who by the way also took care of the great production of this album. Then, of course, Sammy still needed a vocalist to sing the material that was written by him and also for that job he got a hold of not the least people in the genre because with Michael Vescara (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Obsession, ex-Loudness) and Goran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-John Norum) you have a couple of world-class singers in the house.

That accounts for a very nice album full of somewhat melodic tinted traditional heavy metal with fine vocals and excellent guitar work. It has been quite a while since I’ve heard a guitar player that was so prominently present on a record and I have to say that this was definitely to my liking. All thirteen tracks on offer here, which together are good for just over an hour of playing time, are very worthwhile listening to, but for me personally ‘Judgement Day’, the ballad ‘Memories Never Die’, the funky ‘Red Light Eyes’, title track ‘Passion Dreams’ and ‘Drakkar’ are just a tad better than the rest. That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this album has a consistently high-quality level for the whole playing time and that the until now relatively unknown Swedish guitar player Sammy Berell has brought a very good debut album to market.

Buy The album ORDER Down BELOW . .. No pay Pal only card https://www.bengans.se/en/artiklar/sammy-berell-passion-dreams-signed-card.html With Pay pal https://www.recordshopx.com/artist/berell_sammy/passion_dreams/ Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Passion-Dreams-Sammy-Berell/dp/B01N25SB04All Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/passion-dreams/1198753342world

Itunes Japanese https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/passion-dreams/1198753342

Japan http://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/HMHR170223-407

Japan http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_Sammy-Berell_000000000697883/item_Passion-Dreams_7609055wide

Links are On All Language Russian Finish German Swedish English Spanish




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News! Donnie hill in Studio recording. bye baby bye

 Donnie studio A1A   Florida  Jacksonville   

Donnie. recording bye baby bye.
One takes 2019 /2/ 9.  Chriss recording and hang out with Donnie’s wife grate ppl thank you!  guys.  


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New Video out ​!N​​ow

Crown of Thorns Lyric Video Like share and. follow

Lyric/ music Samy berell

Passion Dreams

Lable Sound Pollution Distribution AB 

Sammy berell guitars back vocal

Göran Edman Vocal

Daniel Flores Drums

Daniel flores Produce&mix /Sammy berell /co produce

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Sammy berell Releas Sweden Stockhom

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PUB ANCHOR 7 Februari STLM release party

7e februari  Stockholm  2018  BE THERE ! Rockers   
Sammy Berell        Guitar 
Andie  Kravljaca     Singer      / seventh wonder / Silent call /Aeon zen / Thourot/Nergard 
Anders Haga            Bas-player       / Black rose  mm
Thomas  Weinesjö  Drums  / Audio vision / Nubianrose  mm

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