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Sweden always has been a country that has brought the Hard Rock & Metal community a lot of amazing, new talents – including some kind of extraordinary guitar geniuses.The latest hottest sensation from Scandinavia in this respect is guitarist Sammy Berell whos was a debut with his album ‘Passion Dreams‘ March  17th, 2017 via Dark Force/Sound Pollution. The Hard rock classical-inspired Swedish axeman for this release joined forces with the exceptional singers Göran Edman and Mike Vescera and producer/drummer Daniel Flores.A single and a video for the track ‘Drakkar‘ will be released in advance on February 17th.If you are into classic Rock And Melodic Ones.Back in the 80s  when the Guitarhearos had there prime. This album is for you !!


Dream passionately. Dedicate your life to your craft. Work hard and aim for the stars! That is the story of Sammy Berell.


It all started back in the early ’80s when as a kid Sammy walked into a church and heard the angelic sound of the organ and someone playing a classical composition by Johann Sebastian Bach. Mesmerized by the sound and bewildered by how someone could play so many different tones, classical music would have a great impact on his life from this day.

Sammy Berell was Leterly cradled into the Classical music scene. From the early days. His father how was a Preast often took him to work. Fugues from the organist. and classical music was a daily thing. constantly. the vision was clear. Mozart Bach Vivaldi Hendel. Berell was so inspired by the old composers and started practicing different instruments, including the piano at the age of six as well as the flute, drums, and violin singing to name a few. a deeper understanding of the composer’s Opera was always near.   the introduction.  in the early teenager, Sammy was given an electric guitar. and it became his main instrument

Encouraged by his parents, to pursue his dreams about music, he practiced hours after hours. like you must. There was no compromise,  But people never seemed to understand his extraordinary talent. fashion for serious good musicians had no bigger roll. in the early 90ts, it was other trends, that were easier to understand, just a few people took him seriously. Even tho he knew hi ways in life. And very strongly believed what he was doing, Sammy Berell sacrificed a lot for years as he recorded himself so very often  .he was using the Early Fostex 4 channel tape recorder as well had an 8 channel  Reel To reel audio recorder Tascam and   A cabinet  4 by 12  Marshall vintage. that was screaming in his room  .terorising the Neighbors day out day in. as well. A purl purple drumset it was as some serious loud shit going on back then. It was no doubt. It was a noisy place.   the years pass by and. practiced was a mantra. He knew that he had to aim high and never compromise if he wanted to reach his dreams.  Sammy was trying out different bands under different years. but decide to do his own thing  in the end

Line-up: for Passion Dreams Album   2017 

Sammy Berrell (guitars/ bass/ keyboards/ vocals)

Michael Vescera (vocals), Göran Edman (vocals)

Daniel Flores (drums/ keyboards)


 Dystopia   2020 

Will be Out on Spotify  2021 / As a singel Released from Sound-pollution Later this year 

Produced by Berell

Mixed by Martin Sweet

Mastered by Martin sweet

1  .Dystopia  #Singer Glöran Edman lyric    # Sammy berell Music/guitar base Drums key  pian


New Upcoming Full album  /2021 Album Untitled

NEW ALBUM are in production and will be out this first part of the year 2021 .Spring
releasing by Sound-Pollution Stockholm Sweden 2021
From Dark-force recored .Stockholm Sweden 2021
Mixed by Martin Sweet
Produced by Sammy berell
Track List
1. Devil dance
2. Nite and day
3. Time for goodbye
4. Pure love
5. Instrumental
6. Instrumental
7. Instrumental
8. Instrumental
9. Instrumental
The album was Recored in Stockholm / Nevada-Us
More info will soon be up