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25 April News. Album is mixed.

The mix is done  by his old time friend. MartinSweet
Guitarist (crashdiet)  We worked  along time  to get it right  and its when good .
Its  have ben. some wt. differently .Just because  the time aspect  .And the jump between the years  thats been. been apart form were I started .Early  early 2018/ late 19  .With 130 demos or more I can’t remember exactly .But it was a lot . I felt the need  at that point to get them out. And bang  covid  came  like astride form the sky. And allt was on ice An I mean  nobody , really , no body did know a shit from now on. .So eventually things  started to move on,, .The work continued . I had a lot of tracks that I had  work on and some of them was done .some was just in the start .. I had new old ides that was  like a puzzel . I often look over things  and go back and forth with several projects  , And  one day the  Label  called  me. ,, Saying  !  , hey u gone put something ,,out soon? ??  Ofc I  said,  so I sened over. some tracks,  But they,, just didn’t wt to release them at that point ,  they was not solid. at the time ” those songs  And so few gimme some more ides.. they siad .” . So I added  some  Instrumental ones ,Four new, one  a track that was recored. for  Passion that never came out.That I fixed up.  So the sound can be somewhat lite different,a Tricky thing to deal with.  old  recording. Amps drums and all..but damn good tracks, Martin had a hell to work with,. but he is a Work horse  good old Penutbutter  jelly sandwich right !
..But   It’s a new sound , And I am very pleased with the results. ,, ..its a raw more  clear .  it’s the best I have done I think.
And  I am pretty sure you guy’s gonna like it too.
More info about the new album, Coming up soon.. Rock on 🤘 guys cheers 🥂 /Sammy
Follow  Fb Page Sammy berell fast info updates etc
The NEW Upcoming ..ALBUM  2021  No Dates
8. Tracks
4. with song..  4 .Instrumental
Mixed :by Martin sweet
Masted :By Martin Sweet
Produced :by .Sammy berell
recored :in Stockholm /Nevada Usa
Label :Sound-pollution/Stockholm.  Sweden Dark-force-Recoreds /Stockholm
Equipment  Guitars – Fender Strat  – Tailor guitars Yamaha acoustic Boss pedals Marshall Ernie ball strings Sammy Use a hybrid often 09 High and 62low .. Sammy use Only Ernie ball strings  on all guitars & Bas/killer bas japan
Some drum sets that was Used /Tama /Ludvig  /Perl
different synth Mostly Roland -D05  etc pluggins

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NEW ALBUM. INFO Sammy berell 2021

Winter have a strong grip around sweden .In te start of 2021  Sammy  did  several of impressive. Instrumental tracks taking new  and old ones ,And brought  then up to light .They would be cover the Brand-new album with a powerful punch.., Songs  are  more shaped and work on . And more thoughtful ones .Then Passion, The sound have been shaped over  long time. And more intense in sessions crated like a forged sword , with a pure purpose .The singer have a central mening on this one, a swell. and have done a hell of a jobb and.. I am very grateful for that .
The cold wether. that we often have up here in the north.Have always been benefiting the work. You come to a darker senes often this time of year a more  creative state of mind ..
In short words. this album have a more aggressive deeper more realistic tone than Passion.. if u like passion you will love this one I am pretty sure of

NEW ALBUM are in production and will be  out later this year  2021 ..

Releasing by Sound-Pollution Label.  Stockholm Sweden 2021

From Dark-force records .Stockholm Label  Sweden 2021

Mixed by Martin Sweet

Produced by Sammy Berell

The album was Recored in Stockholm 2020 / Nevada-Us 2019
More info will soon be up Follow  Sammy berell Fb fan page.For more info fast
Sammy /cheers.

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! Merry Christmas Rockers.. and a Happy New year. 2021

Merry Christmas Rockers.. and a Happy New year. 2021

Sammy have had a. problematic year. with a lot of incidents and backlashes personal  and  planing  releases  .. as well like many more in the industry ..just many things  that have .Not turned  out  great ..But we do our best
Sammy have many plans going on almost tow albums waiting  on to be released. As well many many more Demos and instrumental things .. In the spring of 2020 Sammy recored. around 17 melodic tracks. and few ides .one of them was Wheel of fortune .The demo you guys heard for free. perhaps  its will be more  if you guys like it   Wt to Expect 2021 if  gods will be with us,  a New album full Done . not released and another started. here in late summer, not too  forget The singel Dystopia that will be out for all. Together with. Hydra treasures .. and  many  more
Hope you guys will have great coming year  2021. were every you guys live.
and. Rock ON don’t forget to help me get out with the music Passion Dreams  . And all that put out
Thanks you all fans and suporters, Always grateful 😎🍸 Cheers ! see you guys  next year ! / Sammy !

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NEWS !Free demo. Wheel of fortune

Enjoy rockers.
Free demo. Wheel of fortune
by Samye berell

The track is  raw  Not mixed.

and  its been played and turn upside down many times .It was recored earlier  this year with many many other tracks,
I decided .To put it out. Its a great song. Leave a comment down below .Cheers ! 

Follow Me On   https://www.facebook.com/Sammyberell

All info

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R.I.P Eddie van Halen 2020-10 -06 We have lost a Legend one of best guitarist how have walk the earth

R.I.P Eddie Van Halen 
Eddie Van Halen past away just 65 years old. okt 6 -2020 battling   cancer .  
 The legendary guitarist that inspired so many 1000 and 1000 guitar players all over the world. over many decades  There is  so many words that can be said here.
He was A pioner and and innovator  at his  work . His music and technical skill was beyond  wt world had ever seen .at the time
he inspire so many great guitar players as well musicians Including me his name will be in the history forever as well the music,
.My first encounter with  VanHalen.  Was  when I was 6 years old.My cousins’ had a band. and was playing their music as well on tape I was hocked .
it was so musical it was mind blowing  and took me on a long journey to this day he was my first ever. idol for guitar players, I had my room with Eddie  Posters.
it was his style how was the  stuff at that time .. I Personally want to thanks you so. very much for all you have been given us and me,  on earth. Ur legacy will live for ever ..
 ..All fans. and ppl how relate to this, Very tragic news. its a huge lost to the world .. and most of all to his family 
/bless u and R.I.P Eddie Van Halen A true Legend ..

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Dystopia Teaser. whole track patron

DYSTOPIA! teaser … If u like the track .Don’t hesitate to get the whole track.  Link down below

LINK! Patreon  Click Here https://www.patreon.com/sammyberell 

I am truly humbled for all Support.   If you really like my music. And want to be part of unique check out my Patreon..for a small payment  you get access to The track that’s out  come ! and join in. Thank you  rockers !/S


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Dystopia New Singel OUT Now Klick at the text down below get the track

Dystopia Out Now Click  HERE  

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DYSTOPIA OUT 2020-07-6




SAMMY BERELL IS BACK! With New Music out 2020 07-6

This time he has Worked with Göran Edman and done a. New single. The track that CAN ONLY BE BOUGHT ON MY PATREON

The link will be out. 2020-07-6 The same day. As the release of the track.
The link can be found on all. My channels as well

Patreon its genuily made for supporters fans and Enthusiasts, who truly like wt I do. Just for a small payment, you get access to Different Tiers. who Hold different offers. New music every month. And access to demos, sketches, backtracks,  q&a, and more. I am very very humble and appreciating all who feel that they want to  Support me on my journey on Patreon. You guys mean a lot and will be apart of something very unique. Sammy berell  Thank you all how to Support me!  Lots of love to you guys! rock ON!

How does it work? Just click the link? Chose a tiar that’s fit just your support. pay unlock the Content and download. the mp3

DYSTOPIA can be bought. As a single track
Or. With tow different. Demos sketches that were made. and with a backtrack for all how to play guitar perhaps or just want to sing along.

A memorial tribute. Due to this pandemic situation in the world. And the Lost of so many thousands of ppl who died of the.COVID 19. In short words, Göran who has to write lyric felt to share some of his thoughts to. Italy who had.At that point.A very painful situation. It was hard to understand.

Sammy has written the music and produce the track. short to say about the music well its a” rock ballad a funky blues Wibe too it. very harmonious. acoustic background with a single lead. My style to play typically.

Good old sweet!. Martin Sweet has mixed the tracks.
And wheeled the sound. He has done a very sweet job on this one. Thanks, my dear friend.
The track is recored in Stockholm.
and will be OUT Monday 6th July ON Patreon!

Dark-force-recordable / Stockholm 2020©

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DYSTOPIA NEW ! 2020 . Singel Sammy Berell feat Göran Edman

Soon out on Patreon ! check out and follow if you like my Music  All the best   rock oN !

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Uppdated NEWS !!! – 2020-06-17  from last post  2020-04 18.. 

Sammy Berell, can soon be found On Patreon.  Were new music and backtracks .live streams and more.Notis …These songs will. Not be in stores. Only. Bought –  downloaded  on Patreon  As it looks now, and  pherhaps some of them  will be Added on Spotify apple in the end 
The conditions are very unpredictable and Sammy has been needing to change routes a few times. Tracks that were planned. will be added to the future.  the plans from the start were to actually get out as much as possible. but the winds weren’t too call operative,
Now.  New single coming out very soon DYSTOPIA.
Singer. Göran Edman how have written the lyrics. And.berell has done the music.  it’s about the. Corona COVID -19  situation .. its a Sort of a  Memorial tribute. u can say a very cool track .it was not planned to form the start. but turn out great  ..ca soon be bought on Patreon
The plan now is to try to release the other tow melodic tracks  Each one. Separately. It’s  of a slower ride there.. Unfortunately.Its sadly the only one right now . The Other tracks will be added to later Lookup ( Menue About). down below u guys have a summary.
Track to expect is the same. HYDRA and Track X
INFO  For you how looking forward to a  FULL ALBUM from SAMMY BERELL
. 2020 Berell, had the plan to release 1 new album split into three volumes. 4 to 5 tracks on every single volume, but now due to the Coronavirus,.The music industry is on hold. The main album will be released later. When the pandemic it’s over har to tell a time but.. expect 2021 
 The content is  .”DIGITAL ONLY”. Through Dark Force Records As planned. this tracks to start with will be it will be mixed, and mastered by Sammy’s dear old friend Martin Sweet, Guitarist in crash diet and produced by Sammy berell. More Info coming soon. Rock on guys, and stay healthy. All the best!
Please check out The band if u haven’t  Crachdiet.org   Great band great guys!

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