Equipment and Gear

Sammy  Berell uses different models of Marshall during his  recording and  studio and onstage 

Just!  Passion Dreams Album. Was Both digital and Analog 

4×12″ 1960  100w
Celestion G12M-25 (25W, 16Ω)
4×12″ 1960
Speaker model
Celestion G12 vintage
8Ω (vintage speakers ), 16/70w


Different  AMP´s   as well  always

100w / 50w


Marshall Amp

JVM 205H  100/50w

Marshall super-lead early 70s  MK.II50w

JmP-1  fixed By   Tommy  Folkesson


Classic Boss Ns-2 

dod classic one /yellow Black

Not original

Overdrive Boss

Crybaby old one

delay-pedal Boss





Stratocaster  Gold  

few ones of Sammy’s guitars use.  on Passion dreams Album 

Crown of Thorns Solo  

into -solo Night flyer   mmm, 

hs2  heavy blues   stock all maple neck    vintage tremolo

Sammy  is often use  21 fret seldom more 


Stratocaster Sunburst  

This killer one with Scaloped neck was used redligt eyes   Stars   mmm 

Hs3 dimarzio stock vintage tremolo all costum fast voyme jumbo frets  21   


A very Special once  Left ! handed cool   Strat cool ! as fuck  

this  one was used On  Judgement   Drakkar War and many more 

The Ep and the new album very old very genuine one build Custom fender shop its has. some special pickups   the old Demon one’s Dimarzio , and an Old tremolo set up