Equipment and Gear

Sammy  Berell uses different models of Marshall during his  recording and  studio and onstage 

Just!  Passion Dreams Album. Was Both digital and Analog

4×12″ 1960  100w
Celestion G12M-25 (25W, 16Ω)
4×12″ 1960
Speaker model
Celestion G12 vintage
8Ω (vintage speakers ), 16/70w


100w / 50w


Marshall Amp

JVM 205H  100/50w

Marshall super-lead early 70s  MK.II50w

JmP-1  fixed By   Tommy  Folkesson


Classic Boss Ns-2

dod classic one /yellow Black

Not original

Overdrive Boss

Crybaby old one

delay-pedal Boss