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NEWS ! and updates Upcoming album. Delayed due to the. / COVIID-19 Corona virus 2020 /03/ 26

Sammy’s next solo album holds a special place in his heart. With over 180 demos, and aiming at releasing more than one album this year. I am very proud of the fact that the new album has a new tremendously great singer on it and Many tracks that have been worked with carefully. The idiots who thought it was too much last time may think again.  With the new album, Sammy shows his new standard of creating music, new gear, new people, and better playing.  Even back on the last album, Sammy didn’t hold back, and that was well overdriven. Lack of Knowledge and fool’s behind the steering wheel ruined the plans of many good opportunities, as well as the budget.

This time he used less budget, but more power on the songs. Berell, produces the whole album and has worked closely with Donnie ”Thumper” Hill, Berell’s, right-hand together with the singer and mixing engineer has not left any doubts to grumble. The sound is clear and striking. The tracks are well made, and it has another sound, a more mature touch, a deeper aspect, and it sounds great! Any super fanboy of guitar shredder who likes fast and slow arpeggios will not be disappointed. The work schedule of the album and the drums are completed. It has gone through many different options, but they are now recorded. With a shorter amount of time, in the end, Sammy changed the settings. A few studios and people have been involved with the album, and finally, the mix can proceed from all the delays. The guitar solos are done in Stockholm, Sweden, and they sound amazing. I think people will really like this album because it is the best one so far. The plan is to release 3, each album with 4-5 tracks under the same albums this year. Because of the circumstances, there will be more to come soon.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the Coronavirus, and it’s rapid spread across the World. Sammy, cannot predict when the new album will be released. The fact that the music industry is on hold and  So is Sammy.  We can only hope that conditions will allow us to finish, and release it sometime this year. Sammy will update things as they unfold. Thank you Rockers, for your support, and patients! as it looks now,

updated info April 18

2021 looks to be out  until then  Sammy  Can be found followed On  Reverbnation and patron Join me there




Album  untitled

1.Devil Dance

2. Nite and day

3. Pure

4.bye babe bye

5.  ?

Produced by Sammy Berell

Dark force records Stockholm Sweden.