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! Merry Christmas Rockers.. and a Happy New year. 2021

Merry Christmas Rockers.. and a Happy New year. 2021

Sammy have had a. problematic year. with a lot of incidents and backlashes personal  and  planing  releases  .. as well like many more in the industry ..just many things  that have .Not turned  out  great ..But we do our best
Sammy have many plans going on almost tow albums waiting  on to be released. As well many many more Demos and instrumental things .. In the spring of 2020 Sammy recored. around 17 melodic tracks. and few ides .one of them was Wheel of fortune .The demo you guys heard for free. perhaps  its will be more  if you guys like it   Wt to Expect 2021 if  gods will be with us,  a New album full Done . not released and another started. here in late summer, not too  forget The singel Dystopia that will be out for all. Together with. Hydra treasures .. and  many  more
Hope you guys will have great coming year  2021. were every you guys live.
and. Rock ON don’t forget to help me get out with the music Passion Dreams  . And all that put out
Thanks you all fans and suporters, Always grateful 😎🍸 Cheers ! see you guys  next year ! / Sammy !

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